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About Us

Signal is a professional street art organisation that develops and manages exceptional projects from large-scale murals to intergenerational community exchanges to graffiti workshops.

We have three core aims:

– To create exceptional public artwork of a global standard.
– To work genuinely with the communities we’re in.
– To create real opportunities for artists.

We do what we’re good at with people we like, and people like us.

One of Signal’s core strengths is our ability to manage large-scale multi agency projects. (We can add up. And spell.)

We have a project management process in which communication is the priority. Signal works collaboratively to ensure everyone involved is keep up-to-date at all times. We provide and request post-project feedback reports for all larger project, which helps to maintain our quality standards and continual improvement.

Signal prides itself on its professional approach and has proven time and again we can successfully project manage for large clients to deliver on time and on budget. We will not undertake work we do not feel can be delivered to a professional standard. All Signal management staff have a creative background, and so design projects to allow creative expression for the artists involved.

Signal made a conscious decision at the beginning of its company life to ensure all work undertaken compensated artists fairly for their time and effort. Therefore we only take on paid commissions and do not do gratis work (although individual artists may choose to).